Homemade Cheesecake Baked in a Mason Jar
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Welcome to The Cheesecake Market


Cheesecake Market brings you cheesecake a whole other way. From the creators of the legendary original New York Cheesecake, brings you more assorted flavors from the heart of Downtown Historic Savannah. Delicately made with love that stretches smiles across the U.S. put all in a Mason Jar. Check out the flavors in our

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  • Amanda Hanna on

    If I purchase the full cheesecake Groupon can the cheesecake be shipped?

  • Kris Costa on
    I just left the cheesecake market and the people could not have been friendlier. My cheesecake looks outstanding and the people were so kind. I certainly would recommend this place highly to anyone.
  • Rhonda Tatum on

    Oh! Not cool! I have changed my mind on this purchase. What a shame…

  • Kathleen Swygert on

    Bought a Groupon as a gift to my son. Groupon was for $20 worth of cheesecake option. Was told he could not use the groupon because it states in the fine print that if you bought the FULL cheesecake option you had to give 3 days notice of what flavor cheesecake you wanted. I did not buy the FULL cheesecake groupon, I bought the $20 worth of cheesecake option! The server would not take the groupon. Very disappointed and embarrassed by this!!

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